The Odyssey

Adapted by Mary Zimmerman
Directed by David Jortner

I assistant directed this Baylor Mainstage production.  The large ensemble cast was a joy to work with as we explored the 30+ scenes and 50+ characters in a physically dynamic highly theatrical manner.
All photos in this slideshow (c) Baylor Photography

Josiah’s contributions to the success of The ODYSSEY were tremendous.  He has an incredible ability to work with actors, especially student actors, a gifted eye for staging and a deep understanding of how to interpret a text.  His work was instrumental in bringing our shared vision for the play to life.
                                                                             -David Jortner (ODYSSEY Director)

I love working with Josiah. His direction is always strait-forward and complete.  He knows what he want and he knows how to get it done.  Josiah creates a rehearsal environment that actors thrive in - that they want to come back to.  I've had the pleasure of working with him on more then one project, and I'd consider it an honor to work with him in the future.
     -Meg Sullivan (Athena in The Odyssey) BFA Baylor '11, MFA Arizona State '14