During 2011, I was privileged to train under maestro Antonio Fava in Italy for a four-week intensive course in Commedia dell’Arte.  Ever since, I have been teaching Commedia to students and have been in need of traditional Commedia masks.  During the summer of 2015, I finally dedicated time to crafting masks for an upcoming Commedia production I will be directing in the winter of 2016. Below you will find some pictures of the masks and the mask-making process. 

The masks were first sculpted in clay, then cast in plaster. The masks were then made using a neoprene slip casting process. Multiple copies could be manufactured of each mask.  Below is a picture of all of the masks primed and ready for painting:



I also make traditional leather commedia masks. All of these masks can now be purchased on my Etsy shop, JW Masks.

Mask Photos